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Six Prom Dress Styles that are Always Fashionable

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Prom is easily one of the most anticipated events in the lives of teenagers with all kinds of planning, time, energy, and money that goes into the big event.

Teenage girls spend weeks, if not months, looking for that perfect prom dress that reflects their personal style, personality, is fashionable, and sets a statement all at the same time. In fact, shopping for a prom dress can actually become a bit stressful thanks to the many options out there that can get overwhelming and confusing.

So, before you even start your search for that perfect prom dress, let’s take a look at six prom dress styles that are always fashionable no matter your personal taste or preference. These go-to styles will ensure that you make that big splash you’re aiming for.

The Two-Piece Prom Dress

The two-piece prom dress may seem like a relatively new trend but, in reality, this one has been around for many years. All that has changed is the look of the top and skirt. Not only is this a fashionable choice, but it's also incredibly comfortable and allows you to mix and match sizing.

Two piece prom dresses come in a huge variety of styles, lengths, fabrics, and cuts as you’ll see if you take a look at the Jovani two piece prom dresses collection. You can opt for something extremely formal such as a beaded top and then a ballroom style skirt, or something more understated and slim-fitting. Jovani even offers prints, ruffles, sequins, feathers, and more. It really gives you a chance to show off your own personal style.

Anything Metallic or Shiny

With this style you can pick any length or cut as long as it has an element of shine or metallic to it.

You can go with an understated champagne, ivory, or white, or pick a bold jewel tone to really capture the attention of everyone at prom. What’s really fun about dresses that have shine, sequins, and a metallic finish is that they pick up the light beautifully and create a stunning aura around you.

Keep in mind with this style you are best to let the dress set the statement rather than your jewelry, shoes, or makeup.

The Mermaid Dress

If you’re looking for a silhouette that tends to stay fashionable year after year, then a mermaid style dress could be right up your alley. This silhouette works on a wide variety of body types and shapes, which helps to make it even more popular. This style fits snug around your torso and hips and then flares out at the knees, or just below them, and continues to the floor. This flare is often referred to as a fishtail, which is how it got its name.

An Elegant and Understated Slip Dress

For those that aren’t big on formal gowns with tons of material and embellishments, then a slip dress can be a great style. Just as its name implies, this one looks like a slip and tends to show off your curves since it gently drapes over your body. If you want to keep things really simple, choose a material that is lightweight and has movement to it; this will help to keep things less formal.

The Ballroom Gown

There are plenty of girls who have dreamed of that big ballroom gown their entire life, and their prom is the perfect opportunity to wear it. A ballroom gown features an A-line with it fitting tight around the bodice and waist, and then flaring out into a full skirt. In order for it to be a traditional ballroom gown it should be floor length, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with picking a shorter length. As long as it has a full skirt, you will create the same effect.

As an added tip, the fuller the skirt, the slimmer your waist will appear.

Illusion Dresses

This is an intriguing style that has really ballooned in popularity over the past few years. By definition, an illusion dress appears as something different than it actually is. For example, it may look sheer but in reality, the lining is flesh toned, or maybe it looks as though the dress is behind held together by straps or lace, when again you've got some sort of backing that is doing all the work.

With this style of dress, you can pick any length; it can be formal or sexy, and you’ll find a wide use of fabrics and colours are used.

Dress Styles You Can’t Go Wrong With

Each of these styles is unique in their own way and each is equally as fashionable as the next. It’s all about finding a style that works with your personality and comfort level, and really matches with the vision that you’ve got when it comes to your prom dress look.