Wednesday, 09 October 2019

UME LONDON Aurora Collection

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The story of UME London begins many years ago, with four British-Indian sisters, raised in the Midlands.

After losing their father at a young age their world was turned upside down, in more ways than one. As well as the loss they were experiencing, the sisters had their voices taken from them, and their identities were stolen. They experienced years of cultural stigmatisation and oppression. Little by little, each sister began to rise from the challenging circumstances in their lives, and began forging her own path. The sisters lost connection with each other during this time, as they fought hard to make their own lives, but fashion brought the sisters together again and the creativity in clothing gave them the voice they had been seeking all along! . ‘Fashion became our armour and we embraced it. For the first time we found courage, independence, freedom, power and strength – for the first time we were unashamed of our story, we were seen and heard, and it was in that moment UME London was truly born.’

UME represents togetherness with no divide or separation – it’s just You and Me. With this in mind, UME’s designs have a blend of east and west and provide quality occasion wear to perfectly tailor to their audience. ‘Our mission is to unite women and cultures around the world through fashion.’

UME London is an Indian-Western womenswear luxury brand, founded in 2017. UME London seamlessly blends innovative and traditional Western and Eastern styles, to create timeless and high-quality occasion wear. Designed by women for women with comfort in mind the garments are convenient with an effortless style to suit a busy lifestyle.

UME London debut with their 2019 collection called Aurora, signifying the point of the four sister’s lives where they moved ‘from the darkness into the light’. The colour white represents this light and is a core element of the debut collection and the fashion house. Combined with soft, elegantly flowing fabrics that complement the silhouette seamlessly, this collection embodies purity, grace and strength. This drive, determination and ambition put into every decision and detail are depicted by each piece in the collection, from the detailed floral embroidery to the complementary mix and match pieces. UME London strongly believes that all women should have the confidence to stand out and be heard, no matter what their story is.