Sunday, 01 October 2023

JAREL ZHANG Presents 'To Know You', S/S24 Collection

Written by William Drouen
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For this new Spring/Summer 24 collection, JAREL ZHANG wants to share his inspiration through the episode "The Very Pulse of the Machine" in "Love, Death & Robots".

JAREL ZHANG's vision made of futurism and conceptualism materialises in 'To Know You', his Spring/Summer 2024 Collection.

“And now I see with eye serene.
The very pulse of the machine.
A Being breathing thoughtful breath,
A Traveller between life and death”

About JAREL ZHANG's 'To Know You' Collection: The Inspiration

JAREL ZHANG is inspired by different moments and dialogues from the episode "The Very Pulse of the Machine" from "Love, Death & Robots" The link between the human and the machine, the symbol of "eternal life" and "symbiosis".

In his latest collection, the feeling between the human and the machine is questioned as the designer quotes this moment (when Kivelson asks I.O.), "if you are a machine, what is your purpose, your original intent?" to which I.O. responds, "To know you".
The actor then jumps into a lava lake to merge and become one with I.O.

Jarel Zhang is also questioning the concept of "understanding". The designer says that the feeling of understanding is sudden and exhilarating as if the body is returning to its original source like electricity flowing through your heart.

JAREL ZHANG's 'To Know You' S/S24 Collection: The Concept

His sci-fi-inspired collection comes to disrupt the conventional categorisation of fashion genders by blending and re-configuring their distinct characteristics, giving a state of mutual enhancement.

The concept of the S/S24 presentation is to have 16 talented artists from across the world, to capture their insights and interpretations of this collection. The goal is to have different perceptions from diverse creative minds and seize their thoughts and multiple feelings for this collection to exhibit it throughout the presentation.

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