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Hēdoïne, Home To The Sustainable Anti-ladder Tights

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There is nothing more annoying and universally common than laddered tights, but the problem-solvers at Hēdoïne filled the gap with a sustainable "tight" solution.

Made by women for women. Hēdoïne anti-ladder tights solve an everyday and universal problem by thinking smart and ecologically.

About The Brand: Hēdoïne

Hēdoïne is made by and for "hedoines", strong and determined women – heroines of our days. This story starts with Anna and Alex, who left their job in finance and set down to sort out an everyday problem that unites women across the globe: laddered tights. Is there a way to produce real ladder-resistant tights? Alex and Anna landed in Italy to explore the textile industry and source materials for their project. The final result, Hēdoïne, is a wearable essential and a committed company backed by industry experts of the like of Pierre Denis (Former CEO, Jimmy Choo), Tom Meggle (Former CEO, Louis Vuitton & Cartier), Monique Hoell (Founder & Former CEO HelloBody), and more.

About Hēdoïne Anti-Ladder Tights And Collection

Hēdoïne's strong point is its ladder-resistant collection comprising seamless models with customisable shaping waistbands and selections of shades. The Bold, The Nude, The Biodegradable (£32) are some of the anti-ladder thighs you can choose from to cover your basic needs, day to night.
A maternity collection, leggings and pattern tights add more flavour to the original product.

"Hēdoïne tights are beautifully made, comfortable, soft on teh skin and longlasting. What more could you ask for!" -Deborah St. Louis Director

About Sustainability and Social Commitment

It might seem a small problem but short-lived tights are not only as annoying as they sound like. Laddered tights mean waste which, put together with the amount of water involved in hosiery production, contributes to an unsustainable vice circle. Since the first product launched in 2018, Hēdoïne has been aiming to empower women's lives and look with luxury-feel anti-ladder tights that save money, save from embarrassing situations and contribute to saving planet resources. Hēdoïne can be your style saviour for your next festive outfit.

Each pair of Hedoine tights is made locally in Italy and in the UK with an ingenious system to save up to 99.98% of water for each pair of opaque tights. Moreover, the packaging is recycled and fully recyclable, and the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification reassures all "hedoines to be" of the quality Hēdoïne stands for. Products are made by people, and Alex and Anna want to be sure their suppliers are independent and all workers are paid and treated fairly. In this way, solving a common fashion problem turned out as an eco-friendly and socially committed solution and plan.

Sophistication and comfort are made to last and to weigh less on our pockets and the environment. Choose your favourite style and shop for Hēdoïne tights online.