Monday, 02 October 2023

Daisy Street and Tammy Girl Come Back With Scarlett Licensing

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Millennials will rejoice at the announcement: iconic ‘00s fashion favourites are set to make a comeback under Scarlett Licensing agency.

In the nostalgic wave of Y2K, the big return of the noughties' iconic fashion brands Daisy Street and Tammy Girl is foreseen to be very welcome.

Daisy Street and Tammy Girl's Comeback

Scarlett Licensing, a fashion and lifestyle brand licensing agency powerhouse, has announced an exciting partnership that is going to bring new life into high-street fashion. In a strategic move that is sure to have Millennial fashion enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation, Daisy Street and Tammy Girl have signed an exclusive licensing partnership with Scarlett Licensing.

Popular in the nineties and early 2000s, Tammy Girl embodied the Y2K pop explosion, where platforms and cargo pants reigned supreme. This new collaboration will stay true to the nostalgic appeal of Tammy Girl, while also ushering the iconic brand into a new level of expansion, including toiletries, fragrances, back-to-school essentials, and new collab lines.

Daisy Street, the creative force behind Tammy Girl, has handpicked Scarlett Licensing as their trusted partner for this journey. With a keen eye for innovation and a pulse on fashion trends, Scarlett Licensing is actively seeking new sales and brand licensing partners to join the program, making this a golden opportunity for like-minded visionaries in the fashion industry.

Both Daisy Street and Tammy Girl, established giants in their own right, are poised to make a stunning debut in the fashion licensing world. Already making waves, Tammy Girl's presence can be felt through its collaboration launch on ASOS, while Daisy Street graces the racks of esteemed fashion outlets, including House of Frasers, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, DV8, About You, Superbalist, PacSun, Hot Topic, and more across the UK and USA.

Zoe Maddison, Managing Director of Scarlett Licensing, commented: "Looking at fashion today, it's clear that the '90s and noughties are making a real comeback, meaning it couldn't be a better time to introduce this collaboration. We are incredibly excited to work alongside Daisy Street and Tammy Girl to bring their unique vision to life. The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see brands and their new product categories in demand on the high street once again."

Tay Singh, Managing Director of Daisy Street, adds: "Both Daisy Street and Tammy Girl are experiencing a time of global expansion and we’re looking forward to working with some great new partners to grow both brands both in the UK and International Markets".