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Essential rules for appropriate accessories

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The fashion industry is evolving like never before.

With such a vast set of available accessories its hard to distinguish the right amount of additional 'stuff' that can enhance your look.

In a hope to appear more captivating, we tend to over exaggerate our style without the need for it in the first place.

The question is - how to avoid the unnecessary details of your look?

Let us take a look at what things you need to avoid in order to look tasteful and chic.

The Right Choice For The Right Occasion

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The first rule to remember is that you should find accessories that compliment the colour of your outfit and your complexion.

A handbag is generally an accessory every woman needs to invest in, and choosing a high quality, and appealing Italian leather purse will match nearly any combination of clothing.

The right handbag, in a nutral colour can go with many styles and colours of clothing, and will stand the test of time and fashion changes too.

Bright colours in handbags and accessories such as scarves can be great, but be careful to choose them wisely so that you dont look more of a parrot than someone who has an undisputed taste for fashion.

Whenever you are unsure about your definitive choice of colours in accessories, go for blacks, whites and nutral tones, that prove to be adequate for nearly any occasion.

Details That Capture Everyone's Eye

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Keep in mind that it is conceivable to combine large accessories together in one outfit, but there should never be more than two or three of them since you will never want to look overdressed.

Connecting with the material your accessories are made from is generally the right choice, and it can easily show off the level of style that you possess with just the right simple choice.

Try to conclude specifically what is that you want to achieve with your style, and only then add the additional accessories that will enhance the wanted outcome.

Needless to say, your makeup must be made out of colours that build on your outfit, or in a stylish contrast, which might even be the better choice for most occasions.

When in doubt, going for classic and traditional choices is always the right idea, since the general rule "Less is more" does indeed apply to your style and you never know who will compliment your outlook, with the stylish simplicity that you brought with yourself in your new favourite outfit.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 13:26

The Perfect Purses for Autumn & Winter

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Photo by LEMUR on Unsplash

For many, autumn and winter are a new chance to swap out those summer and spring styles for cold weather classics, like fuzzy sweaters, knit hats, and purses that complement your seasonal attire. It’s time to start off fresh again, and breathe some life into your wardrobe! Don’t throw away all your old bags, but adding some new classics to your closet for the new season will help make it easy to create the wardrobe looks you wait all year long to show off! Here are a few purse styles and shapes that will help you upgrade your collection from old to new again - without completely modifying your current collection.


Minimising is in and with these micro minis all you need is your phone, credit card, and a lip gloss for the perfect night out. This is ideal for those cocktail dress nights out on the town, where you don’t want to lug around your regular mini bag.

Unique Clutches

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Photo by Renata Fraga on Unsplash

The classic clutch never goes out of style. This autumn and winter, try a clutch that is a little more unique, like a hard plastic acrylic bag or a woven clutch - they make for an artistic touch to any outfit, and are a true statement pieces of their own. You can find simple envelope style cross-body clutches, as well as intricate textured designs. Try pairing these with a casual pair of jeans and blouse to really make it stand out.

Doctor Bag

This old-school look will have you replacing your classic totes with a much cleaner and more professional look. Totally roomy, you’ll love stuffing this bag with all your work and daily necessities! Match this with any office look or your date night apparel for a sophisticated style that’s versatile for your day-to-night lifestyles.

Belted Bags

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Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash

You may be thinking fanny pack at the mention of belt bags, but this strappy design is a great autumn accessory, especially when hitting up those outdoor activities and festivals. Out of sight and out of mind, the strap fits snug around your waist when adjusted properly and won’t steal the show away from your outfit. When you’re out and about, pair your belt bag with your favourite leggings and comfy sweater!

Decorative Pouches

Not quite a clutch, and not quite a wrist-let, this combo makes it easy to grab and go. The pouch design is also super flexible, and makes it easy to throw in all sorts of necessities without cramming items in like a puzzle to fit just right. This little bag makes the perfect accessory for those fun dates nights! Whether you’re hitting the local carnival, or go-kart raceway, this flexible bag will look great with your semi-casual attire.

Scarf Strap

Yes, that’s right! A purse with a scarf strap has the combination of fashion and convenience — all in one. The soft strap won’t weigh heavy on your neck and shoulder, and will look creative too! Scarf straps allow more room for creativity, with bold and exciting patterns, and colours that add a little something to your little black dress.

Circle Purse

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Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

Don’t be a square, and hop on board to this vintage comeback! The circle purse usually features a small wrist-let to hold onto, and a convenient snap closure. Circle bags have been massively popular this year, and it’s easy to see why - this retro look will pair great with a short and sassy dress for parties, and bring that old-school design we all dream about!

Lady Bags

Super clean and minimal, this classic purse means business. The sleek look will create a sophisticated style when matched with your office wear, and can easily go from work to happy hour! Dressed up or dressed down, it’s easy to match this feminine look to almost all your wardrobe styles.

Ring Handle Bag

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Photo by on Unsplash

Switch out your evening clutches for something a little more modern, like the new ring handle bag. This look brings a retro vibe and makes going out more fun when you can let it hang from your wrist, rather than struggling to carry it tucked under your arm all night. This little sidekick will look classy when you match it with your sleek trouser suit outfits.

Bucket Bags

There’s a new modern twist to the traditional bucket bag. These bags keep their structured design, but offer a little more fashion to them with special designs like woven looks to add a little something to your everyday attire. The bucket style makes it easy to carry an assortment of things with you at all times. Whether you’re a mum on-the-go or a busy manager, this is the bag that has all the room you need.

Switch It Up

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Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

When you’re getting bored with last cycle’s purses, bags, and clutches, substitute your formerly classic styles with these new remixes.

Written by: Tess DiNapoli

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 19:05

The Naan Design

The brand The Naan Design is a high profiled contemporary women's & men’s design & fashion concept, founded in 2015. The brand focuses on the artistic values and intellectualism.

The designer of the brand is Natasa Litvin.

The ‘Naan’ is an organic and instant spiritual nourishment, which is an indispensable in everyday hectic life and takes shape in physical form through leather bags, jewelleries, accessories and clothing.

The brand is for contemporary, metropolitan women and men who require the elegance and modernity, regardless of age.

All collection built around values, designed and manufactured in Budapest focuses on high quality materials. Every single pieces are made by hand.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017 12:36

J D’Cruz

Welcome to J D’Cruz, a new exciting Oxfordshire based brand producing individually designed and printed leather handbags, all made from hand selected sustainable leathers that have been hand-printed and crafted in Britain. Such innovative and exciting designs are a result of clear passion, enthusiasm and bags of experimentation.

This September J D’Cruz will be showing at London Fashion Week. AW17 sees J D’Cruz launch their debut collection with a range of landscape totes, rucksacks, slouch bags, satchels and different size clutch and coin bags. The inspiration for this collection is inspired by the authentic outdoors and prints were mainly motivated by architecture. The colours are bursting with bright accent personalities that brighten up any outfit alongside more muted tones. The brand is so confident it offers fantastic aftercare.

The bags are hand-made and created in the designer’s studio. No two pieces are the same adding to that personal feel to the brand. Jasmine the designer behind the brand who previously worked for Jimmy Choo won the Cherwell Best New Business Award 2016 and showed previous collections at Royal Windsor Horse Show, The Country Living Spring Fair 2016 and London Fashion Week in 2015, the response was very positive and successful.

J D’Cruz has also been worn this year by Perrie Edwards from Little Mix, Invader Girl and been voted one of the best rucksacks by InStyle magazine. The brand was also seen at Top Drawer, Pure London and The Clothes Show Live. Jasmine was also selected and exhibited at the New Designers Show in Islington; she is very selective of the leathers used in each design, which is part of making them so unique and special. This is a quintensisally British brand that produces everything in this country, using traditional textile processes such as screen printing rather than using a digital format. Most of the handbags remain unlined if possible to keep that handcrafted and loved touch. J D’Cruz bags get better with age, as the bag ages the leather softens and gains more beauty.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 18:38

Ways to Liven up Your Outfit

Spending a lot of time trying on new outfits can often be quite a tedious and time-consuming process.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 15:05

The Radley and Sauders Collaboration

Handbag lovers are bound to fall in love with exclusive sixteen-piece collection from Radley Bags and ready-to-wear British designer, Jonathan Saunders.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 23:54

Festival affliction

Well that time has come round again for us to brave the extremes and get out to a good UK festival. Not that I should even dare mention that weather word for another month running ,but I do believe there is some mileage in preparing for every eventuality, especially now that shops are selling summer and more cosier autumn wear now.

And the thing I love the most about festivals... the freedom bestowed upon us to express ourselves through original, eclectic dressing. The ingenuity we have to apply to bring together an outfit to take us from warmth to cold, from centre stage to after party. Dressing we wouldn't usually have to consider for a normal night out.


Dsquared2 nailed this eclectic- expressive look back in Milan fashion week earlier this year. Imaginatively blending furs, bikinis, wellies and even mud, they showcased a street –edged, Californian surf –come festival hippy- chic look for us all to revere. And, we only need to look back to Coachella and  Guilfest  earlier on this year to see Katy Perry, Caroline Fleck, Rita Ora and Stooshe putting their own stamp on this street- styled, Californian festival vibe so easily too.

Source: Katy Perry: and Coachella pictures

And what an exciting pallet of colour and selection of styles 2012 provides for us too. With so many colours and trends at our fingertips, there is every reason to steer clear of that regular Friday night uniform and emergency pack-a mac. So, have fun re-inventing these styles with your own original festival twist and be sure that your outfit is constructed to ensure glamour, warmth, dancing potential and practicality to stave off any unnecessary suffering or wardrobe malfunction disaster! Here are a few finds to get you started.

First for glamour... every girl needs her show stopping dress!


Warmth: Stave off overheating. Prevent the misery of cold legs in soggy jeans when It pours by going short in the daytime...

Add leggings or trousers if you feel the cold..

Layer on with a fur gilet, shrug, poncho or boyfriend sweat when the temperature drops further.


Protect from the elements biker style

Dancing potential:

Stomp your feet down in this footwear and ensure just good memories and no blisters. 


Every girl needs a good bag to stash liquids, leggings and excess clothing! She also needs a suitable crown to protect from the rain and an emergency poncho should there be any more room left in her bag! 

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My Forever 21

I've never really come to figure out why people want to remain forever twenty-one. Maybe it's because it's the comfortable age between having mastered adolescence, and feeling at your prime to achieve literally anything your heart is set on. Just turning this milestone age, people ask me what its like to have arrived, and my response is seldom clear, even to me. Truth is, there is no special 'twenty-one' feeling. You can either feel advanced, or believe you're as young as you feel. Even the term 'youthful' is so subjective. For example, many connotations include 'sexy', 'wild' and 'strongly independent'. Unfortunately, a part of the fashion world has lost the ability to translate sophistication and elegance through different generations. I think the closest we got to this has been lost somewhere in the Victorian ages, where women of all ages dressed in the same manner of propriety and conformity.

Nonetheless, we celebrate the development in the fashion industry; young people could now carve out their own identity and become creative and industrious individuals. But if there is a gap in the industry, it's the question of how to form a bridge between the different generations in coherent style so that quality isn't lost. We can learn something from mature women in their 40s/50s who can complement style, with grace and elegance. Those who have arrived at personal success, gained recognition and are truly admired by the admirable, carry a persona and style that we could borrow. As much as we young folks/young-at-heart don't want to be mistaken to be 20 years older than what we really are, we can replicate classy styling that still screams 'forever twenty-one'- and at any price too! In my attempt to bridge this gap, I put together some of my favourite Ankara pieces by some of my favourite designers;

Solange in Boxing Kitten by Maya Amina - at the 'Victoria Secrets Collection, 2011.

Swing on this season's favourite high-waisted top and mellow it down with any modest yet stylish high-waisted skirt.

Overcoat by Bombe Surprise

For a casual outfit on those mild weather days, nothing says young and free like an oversized jacket over figure-hugging jeans.

Kente top 

Did you know that should-pads make the waist look slimmer? You can't do wrong with this fitted top made casual yet slick with some skinny jeans! 

Asaka Oge

I'm in love with these blazers by Asaka Oge. Blazers are the perfect transformer tools that will bring any outfit to life- whether you want to dress up or dress down.

Another amazing and must-have number by Asaka Oge; a flattering high-wasited pencil skirt.

Aldo Shoes

Ankle-straps and woven platforms are this summer's talk. Nothing says '21' like the right heels to accentuate those summer legs! 

Vlisco Bag

With all the boho-craze currently going on, check out this cute ankara styled bag by Vlisco; a shoulder strap bag by day, and a clutch bag for that special outing! 

Russian Vogue March 2012

Part of dressing young is adding colour - appropriately of course! I just love this jewellery ensemble I found in the Russian vogue; including Boucheron, Cartier, David Morris and Harry Winston. Of course, you don't need to spend thousands of pounds to look as vibrant. This summer, the high streets are oozing with bold colours.

Know any other 'twenty-one' summer favourites? 
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Vivienne Westwood has announced the second collection of handbags and accessories in collaboration with Ethical Fashion Africa Programme.
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