When considering wardrobe investments, few things compare to the value of a high-quality designer handbag.

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Monday, 12 September 2022 08:43

Brits on the Hunt for the Perfect Autumn Wardrobe

As the rain begins to fall and temperatures set to cool over the next few weeks, many fashion-conscious people are looking to google for inspiration for their autumn wardrobe pieces.

Autumnal coloursPh. Designecologist

Brits are definitely ready for the autumn season. An interesting Google Trends data analysis foresaw what will be Brits' next wardrobe.

Looking at Google queries can tell a lot about what people are more interested in, what is essential, desirable or trendy. We can already see what British people are looking for in their new autumn wardrobe.

Google Trends about Autumn Wardrobe

An analysis of Google Trends data shows searches for 'autumn outfits' have increased by 160%, 'women's autumn fashion' by 40%, 'autumn fashion' 2022 by 180% and 'autumn clothes women' by 100%. The study interestingly revealed a real spike in searches for green cashmere jumpers, autumn jumpers and grey cardigans.

Brits' Autumn Outfits according to N.Peal

With this in mind, N.Peal – British luxury cashmere brand committed to sustainable production – is already anticipating the upcoming season and wants to offer insight into a few essential pieces to carry you into September with a boom. The coming autumnal season is about statement pieces that can be easily transformed for the colder months as the weather cools off by switching out the sandals and sunglasses for boots and blazers.

What to Buy for Your Autumn Wardrobe

N.Peal suggests pinning these essential pieces that can be worn in many ways. Prepare your closet to welcome your new comforting essentials, here is what and how to wear them.


 womens BlazersPh. Boohoo, Refinery & Lulus

As seen on models Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, we can never have enough blazers, which are the go-to-fall clothing piece this year. Wear over a simple top or jumper if you want to add more layers to keep you warm and don’t be afraid of a splash of colour!


KnitwearPh. Dan Gold

You can look fantastic and be comfy this season by choosing knitwear, an autumnal essential for men as well. Whatever your style, there are cardigans, jumper dresses, two-pieces and statement jumpers everywhere!


Womens cashmere jumpersPh. MangoBoden & Mango

If you want to add a sense of luxury to your wardrobe, opt for a cashmere piece this autumn. Known for its softness, unrivalled warmth and durability, this high-quality fabric is essential for maximum comfort and will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

Colours for Autumn 2022

Autumn 2022 is the season for embracing colours. Vibrant pinks, blues, greens and purples are among some of the emerging colours for this time of year. Although they’re not typically thought of as autumnal tones, these colours are universally flattering and are expected to be seen by everyone.

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Saturday, 03 September 2022 07:47

A Look into Monsoon's Artisan Studio Collection

If you spot an unmistakable artisanal touch on the high street, you are not wrong and it is not a dream, it is Monsoon's Artisan Studio Collection.

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Far Afield showcases their latest collection a contemporary menswear-meets-unisex range featuring a whimsical tropical safari theme.

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Thunes survey of ‘Zoomers’ in 13 countries spotlights how the world’s youngest and most digitally-adept consumers are forcing change to decades-old business practices.

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By the 14th March 2022 retailers with an online presence must ensure they fully support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or risk customer purchases being declined.

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It is coming to the final weeks of Christmas when everyone panic buys and the high street stores are usually busier. This time of year is the worst for Christmas shopping. To make life easier while shopping for him, you can look online for all the items on your wishlist. The reason is that you are more likely to find the sizes for him online as most of the stores will be out of stock for sizes by this time.

Chrstmas fashiongifts for him. Winter accessories and coats - Ph. Clem Onojeghuo, PexelsPh. Clem Onojeghuo, Pexels

If you want some inspiration for fashion presents, this guide will do all of the dirty work for you by discussing the on-trend fashion items and showing you those that will be best for a Christmas gift.

Here are some of the best clothing items to buy for him this Christmas.

Winter Coats

With Christmas being particularly chilly, every man must have a winter coat in his wardrobe. The problem is there are several styles to choose from when it comes to a man’s jacket. However, there are only a few that are currently in fashion at the moment. These coats are perfect for the colder months and, many luxury fashion brands have got behind these styles.


Parka jackets are very much in fashion at the moment. Some designs are suitable for spring and summer, other parka coats are suitable for the autumn/winter season. Either way, we will be looking at those that are much warmer and waterproof. A go-to place is House of Fraser, one place that has an extensive variety of parka jackets.

House of Fraser has a wide selection of jackets with its online store; additionally, it also offers a range of luxury brands to choose from. When it comes to picking a gift like this for him, you need to research on what are his preferred brands. Look at his existing wardrobe and see if he has any preferred brands. You could also ask him yourself to make sure that you get the right brand. Males are much more brand-driven compared to females, although, some males are happy with unbranded apparel. Brands can be expensive, that is why you should double-check which they prefer.


This jacket is for your dressier occasions and formal events. An overcoat will usually be longline and it will sit just above the knees, keeping the thighs warm. One thing to take note of is that an overcoat is generally made of wool; hence, it is not waterproof. It will protect him from drizzle or snow but, it is not designed for the heavy downpour. Still, it is an essential winter jacket style that every man needs.

As mentioned before, overcoats are for dressier occasions. Nonetheless, they are great for strolling around the Christmas markets whilst feasting on a bratwurst hotdog. The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying an overcoat is that it usually does not have a hood. Make sure that your man has a hat to go with his overcoat with that being a flat pack to walk around with a peaky blinders style or the usual woolly hat. Either way, your man needs to be well wrapped up with headgear with its flat cap.

Christmas fashion gifts for him. Coats - Ph. PNW Production, PexelsPh. PNW Production, Pexels

Denim Jackets

This is a jacket that has very much been on-trend in previous years. Denim jackets are much more casual in style; nonetheless, they take a man’s outfit to another level in the most simple but effective way possible.

Denim is quite a heavy material, especially when bought from a premium brand such as Levi Strauss, a brand that is known for durable denim garments. Yes, items from this premium label are higher in price but, you pay for quality with Levi Strauss. Furthermore, another brand that is great for denim jackets and we can recommend is &Sons.


Every man and woman needs loungewear for those lazy Sundays. Tracksuits are the perfect outfit when it comes to doing nothing all day. They have also been around for many years, going back to the 1980s; however, the style of a typical tracksuit has changed much more than the usual tracksuit a man would usually wear.

These days, men's full tracksuits tend to be made of cotton or wool, in a more relaxed fit, and they are very much on-trend. If there is any item that he will be using and wearing as soon as he opens his gift, it will be a full tracksuit.

Hat, Scarf And Glove Sets

A set like this is another essential for a man when it comes to this time of year. Although it will not be the main present, it is more appropriate for a Christmas stocking. There are many luxury brands out there like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and others that design premium hats, scarf and gloves set. You do not need to go all out on a set like this but, if there is a particular fashion brand that he likes when it comes to his clothing, this is the perfect gift idea to buy from that brand.


There are a lot of options you can consider buying when it comes to fashion gifts for him. However, it is all about purchasing items that are trendy at the moment. Trends aside, think also and foremost about something that he needs: is it a coat or a jumper? A hat or a thick pair of woolly socks? Just remember when you are buying for Christmas, you want to make sure that your wearable gifts are going to be perfect for these cold temperatures.

Whatever you do, do not forget about stocking fillers either! These can range from an Eau de toilette to winter skincare essentials; these small gift ideas will be always very welcome.

Good luck on your shopping spree this Christmas.

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SkinLabo pure shots for your skin

Your skin needs water and a special drink sometimes! Give it a healthy 'shot'. SkinLabo, skincare expert from Italy, launches its shot collection to fit into your busy routine and lifestyle.

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The popularity of Korean cosmetics has no boundaries and the net makes great ideas run faster than ever. A new Korean skincare brand has just landed in the UK introducing itself with its luxury skincare for him: Atomy Homme.

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The 'Martini', the 'Brazilian', the 'Classic'... No, these are not the names of some fancy Summer cocktails but three popular bikini waxing styles. Waxing the bikini area can be quite challenging at first, but everyone can master it at home with pro tips, practice and the right product like Sugar Coated Bikini Hair Removal Kit.

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