La Métamorphe presents their newest haute couture collection for the season Autumn/Winter 2022/23 and tells a secret: "Le Secret d’Empédocle".

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The French fashion house is revving the engines and preparing us for more grand displays of their upcoming work.

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Monday, 25 April 2022 15:08

Simply adorned with Rayane Bacha

Undoubtedly influenced by her journey at Elie Saab, after claiming her Bachelors in design, Rayane wove the wanderlust within her pieces.

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Monday, 04 April 2022 11:51

Plunging Necklines For Ethereal Elegance

Should we link the originality of plunging v neck cuts with the heroic goddesses of ancient legend?

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When we think of a fashion show, we usually think of the glamour and elegance of haute couture. Let’s not forget that the fashion industry is very influential and has the power to carry out a message to millions of people everywhere. When everyone's focus is on the current situation in Ukraine, none of us can remain indifferent, fashion is taking a stand.

Balenciaga red coatPh. Museum at FIT

Balenciaga goes where fashion hasn’t dared go before and takes a stand for the Ukrainian refugees.

About The Show

Let’s experience the fashion show together. As you enter the room you notice the enormous snow globe on one side and a piece of fabric with the colours of the Ukrainian flag on all 525 seats. As you walk through the different rows looking for your seat, your mind starts to wander in different places and your excitement to take your place takes over you. You finally find your seat, take the fabric in your hand, shortly you notice it’s a T-shirt, but there’s also a letter from the creative director of Balenciaga himself, Demna Gvasalia. As you read through the letter you can’t help but to feel your emotions taking over you. The letter begins with “The war in Ukraine has triggered the pain of a past trauma I have carried in me since 1993, when the same thing happened in my country and I became a forever refugee,” and ends with “It’s a dedication to fearlessness, to resistance and to the victory of love and peace.” You start questioning everything and you can’t stand in peace in your seat. The show begins. The models are walking down the runway and in the background you hear the designer’s voice reciting a poem by the Ukrainian poet Oleksandr Oles which, he says translates roughly to “your sons will save you”. There is no translation to the poem, you listen to the Ukrainian language and you see how the models struggle to walk through the snow storm, you cannot help but to feel more uncomfortable than ever. You feel empathy.

Personal Take On The Show

It’s quite difficult hosting Fashion week during wartime and most designers are extremely cautious in such times. Other brands raised awareness on the situation in Ukraine through the social media channels and by adding a little detail to their show but Demna, made the show about Ukraine, which completely changed everything. Balenciaga was close to calling off the show, they said that “fashion week feels like some kind of an absurdity but to cancel the show means surrendering to the evil that has already hurt me so much for almost 30 years”. For him this was way beyond fashion, it was personal. Driven by the desire to tell the world his story he managed to cover the most important issues humanity is facing now - climate change, technology taking over and horrific news of war. When Demna was 12 years old he was amongst the 250,000 Georgian refugees forced to leave their homes during Georgia’s civil war. Knowing all the obstacles refugees have to deal with makes him want to not stay silent and take action to support them and give them some hope. According to some, fashion doesn’t have a place in politics but Balenciaga thinks otherwise, for the brand this is a call to action. “We, as a brand, have to do something … we cannot take weapons and go fight there, but we can use our voices,” Demna shared in an interview with Reuters.

The Meaning Behind It

The initial idea of the show was to cover the topic of the climate crisis and virtual reality. The show was supposed to comment on how future generations might perceive the concept of winter. It is about how in the future this might have to be digitally rendered in order to explain what snow is, the feeling of coldness, and the disappearance of winter as a season. The glass wall that separated the audience from the show was a metaphor on that imaginary future reality, creating an IRL livestream of sorts. Using a humanitarian crisis as an aesthetic proved to touch many in the audience and create a powerful show of empathy, something we rarely see on the runway.

At the end of the day, the designer managed to achieve what he does best: It made the audience think and ask questions about themselves as well as about the system. The audience was meant to feel uncomfortable while watching, as this meant realising what refugees are forced to deal with not just in Ukraine, but in Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan and every other country that is living during war time.

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In December 2021 rumours were spreading about an upcoming collaboration of the Italian fashion house Gucci and the sports brand Adidas. All we were holding onto was a photo of a Gucci, Adidas monogram, no other details.

camilla carvalho Cgb4gMKRcMA unsplashPh. Camilla Carvalho - Unsplash

High-fashion and sportswear. Adidas and Gucci are ready to take over the fashion industry this year with an exciting upcoming collaboration

The good news is that a couple of days ago, 26th of February, the rumours were confirmed. Gucci unveiled more details about the collaboration with Adidas during its A/W22 presentation. It seems like this will be of the hottest collaborations of the year even though the collection is still yet to be released.

Adidas And Gucci: The Collaboration

Adidas has a history of collaborating with high-fashion brands, such as Prada and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. This year it is time for Gucci to embrace the Three Stripes. Adidas confirmed the collaboration via sharing an image on Twitter showing their logo along with Gucci branding underneath. According to Adidas, this forthcoming project “combines the heritage and the creative codes of both brands”.

About The Collection

The collection made its debut on the runway at Milan Fashion Week 22. A variety of hats, corsets, capes, double-breasted blazers, heeled sneakers were adorned with Gucci monograms, the Trefoil logo and co-branded logos. The vintage aesthetic of the label does most of the work, while The Three Stripes shows up from time to time. As always, the sportswear brand gives the label creative freedom on the design and presentation of the products. The colour palette consisted of mostly shades of royal purple, bright red, sequin-studded greens, and glossy reds. It is no coincidence that the name of the fashion show was “Exquisite Gucci”. It lived up to its expectations and once again did not disappoint the fans.

How do you feel about three-stripe berets or a cape? What about a giant leather bag? None of the brands has released any official information on when we can expect the collection or what it will feature. All we know is that it is happening. We do not know about you, but we expect to see signature garments, footwear and accessories of both brands but with a new and innovative design that highlights the collaboration.

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Tuesday, 01 March 2022 08:11

Oqliq A/W 2022 Collection: “Spacetime”

OqLiq's design philosophy is to create high-end performance fashion made with high-quality fabrics which strongly emphasizes functional simplicity. The Taiwanese based brand has gained much deserved global attention over the past decade and this year it showcased its collection at London Fashion week.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022 18:58

Johan Ku's A/W22 Collection

Johan Ku is a Taipei-born designer, an "enfant prodige" who started his career as a graphic designer aged just 17. The designer was later awarded the Gen Art's Avant Garde Prize in 2009.

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022 11:40

Midé Feb 2022

Midé showcased their collection at Fashions Finest emerging designer AW22 London Fashion Week showcase 19th February 2022.

Makeup: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists (AOFM) lead #mua Mandy Gakhal
Hair: Amy Tasker, Annie Berry
Nails: Julie Bryan & team
Creative Director: Tanya Beresford
Lead stylist: Leighanne Krystal
Assistant Stylist: Raahim Khan
Student Stylists: College of North West London
Photographer: VR Agency

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